NRSWA (New Roads and Streetworks Act)

Course information

Aim of the course 

To allow candidates to gain the required qualifications within the NRSWA scheme to enable them to carry out their duties on the public highway. 

The NRSWA Act 1991 states that at least 1 operative in a squad must have gained the required qualifications in the type of work being undertaken. 

Course summary

Relevant regulations and legislation

  • Interpretation of plans
  • Safe working practices
  • Compaction of materials
  • Identification of apparatus
  • Excavation techniques
  • Disposal of surplus material
  • Repositioning of kerbs / edgings
  • Surface finishing
  • Support to utilities apparatus
  • Use of temporary traffic lights
  • Signs, cones and barriers layout
  • Implication of apparatus damage
  • Use of cable location equipment
  • Reinstatement of modular footpaths
  • Reinstatement of the road structure
  • Re-use of selected excavated material

Course duration 

1 – 5 days depending on units of accreditation 


SWQR (Street Works Qualification Register) card and SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) certificate

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