Scottish Vocational Qualifications - SVQ

Some of our SVQ’s are listed below:

  • Plant Operations which allows progression from the CPCS Red Trained Operators Card to the CPCS Blue Competent Operators Card
  • Winter Maintenance.


How the SVQ Works

The VQ is a work based qualification and requires evidence to be documented and formed into an evidence portfolio which is assessed by one of our qualified assessors. Evidence can be gathered in a number of ways such as: tool box talk sheets, proof of projects that have been completed and individual observations from one of our assessors. The evidence is cross checked with standards written by the SQA. Once the evidence has been gathered and approved then the candidate is awarded with a qualification for life.


Modern Apprenticeships

Camilla Training is now an accredited Modern Apprenticeship Centre and we now deliver Modern Apprenticeships in Plant Operations to a range of companies throughout Scotland.

  • Modern Apprentices are the secret to building a skilled, motivated workforce – backed by industry-recognised qualifications and highly structured training.
  • You can plug skills gaps and build your future workforce at the same time.
  • Apprentices can answer your restructuring needs, whether you’re developing or downsizing your staff.
  • Young people offer new exciting ways of thinking and offer fresh opportunities for your current staff such as mentoring.
  • You can offer extra training to current employees so their talents grow in step with your business.


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